DIY Courses

Our house flipping blueprints: all in one central location.  

The Ultimate Beginners Guide

The All-in-One House Flipping Crash Course

he world of house flipping is fast-paced, exciting and incredibly lucrative if you know what you’re doing. If not it can be stressful, overwhelming and result in financial ruin.

That’s why we’ve created this program. We’ve taken our combined knowledge in real estate, construction and design and put it all together in this 20 hour introductory course. We guide you step by step how to flip a house.

We’ll take you from ground zero through your first flip. Whether you want to make real estate your full-time gig or a profitable side-hustle, this course is a great fit.

The course includes access strictly to our video content library. Interested in joining a private real estate community with real relationships, feedback, and insights? Check out our Private Facebook group below. 

The Internet’s Leading Flipping Faction

The Flipster Fam – Private Community

The biggest problem with real estate? It’s an insiders game. Not many investors go behind the scenes and disclose the types of deals they do, the investment strategies they use, or they creative ways they manipulate the capital stack. 

That’s why we’ve launched this tribe. We’ve leveraged our network & online presence to create one of the internet’s leading real estate and house flipping communities. This program includes access solely to our Private Online Group.

Flipster in a box

Let’s Partner Together to Flip Houses​

Leverage our expertise in acquisitions, financing, and construction management to directly find, finance, and manage your flip projects for you. What do you say, partner?