House Flipping for Beginners

We’ve taken our combined knowledge in real estate, construction and design and put it all together in this introductory course for beginners. 

Let us guide you step by step how to flip a house.

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The Flipping Game in 20 Hours

We’ll answer all of your questions:

☑️ How do I get started flipping houses?

☑️ How do I find properties?

☑️ How much money do I need to flip?

☑️ Is this industry a good fit for me?

☑️ How do I hire contractors?

☑️ Should I get my real estate license?

☑️ Do I need a college degree?

And give you all the tools you need to:

🕵️ Analyze your local market

💰 Secure funding

🏠 Find properties

📋 Determine your scope of work

🚧 Value engineer your design plan

👷‍♂️ Manage your construction team

📲 Effectively marketing your project

💸 Sell for top dollar

🔂 Do it all again

What's in this for You?

Aspiring Flipsters can expect a tell-all course with over 20 hours of recorded lecture content. 

We share exactly what’s worked for our biggest flip wins and go down the rabbit hold when it comes to finding, financing and rehabbing your next project.   

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A.F.'s Step by Step Playbook

Our lives changed when we got serious about House Flipping in 2015

Since then, we’ve been transparent with our Flipster Fam on our feats:

☑️ Transformed Austin City Proper with over 100+ flipped homes 

☑️ Built a community of 300+ house flippers nationwide

☑️ Raised over $500,000 from outside investors to fund our projects

☑️ Partnered directly with 15+ new investors to flip their 1st house

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A full view of the 20-hour learning material is available here.

Our Flipster Fam has lifetime access to the learning materials including any additional info and lessons added in the future.

Current face value course pricing is $497.

Immediately upon enrollment you will have access to all the lessons (over 20 hours of material). This course is self-paced. Start and stop on your own schedule.

Take as long as you want or binge over a long-weekend. The course is flexible. Take lessons sequentially or jump to any topic of interest. Come back and re-watch anytime.

Your Questions, Answered

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