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We’ve built the infrastructure to find, fund, renovate & sell houses in Central Texas. Now, we’re seeking our next round of exclusive partners ready to leverage our turnkey system.

Our next partner onboarding opens Spring 2022. 

Join our waitlist below to secure your spot! 

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House Flipping is Hard.
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You bring the capital. We’ll bring the rest. 

Leverage our expertise in acquisitions, financing and construction to directly find, finance and manage your flips for you.  

As your Partner, here’s what we will do:  

🕵️ Find & Acquire Your Next Flip Project

💰 Secure Hard Money Financing with Preferred Terms & Rates

📋 Develop the entire project’s scope of work  

💻 Design a 3D rendered model of your completed project

🧰 Order & procure materials at the cheapest wholesale pricing available 

👷‍♂️  Vet & assign a contracting crew to perform the renovation 

🏗️ Manage the entire rehab process

💸  Sell or Refinance for top dollar 

What's in This for You?

Aspiring Partners can expect a tell-all house flipping experience with operational guidance start to finish. 

We’ll work hand-in-hand on your behalf to flip your next project A to Z without a profit-split. 

All of the deal upside is yours to keep.    

The Turnkey Solution to
Your Next Flip

Let our suite of software tools and team make you some serious money 

We’ve assembled an army of resources to safeguard against the risk of project failure & maximize your deal profits: 

☑️ Flip your projects more efficiently with the backing of seasoned professionals 

☑️ Get access to the cheapest, wholesale pricing on materials and labor   

☑️ Minimize borrowing costs with some of the lowest borrowing rates available 

common questions


What do you say, partner?

New partner onboarding is currently closed. Our team will be processing and accepting new FIAB Partners in April 2022. 

Immediately upon deposit you will have access to all the lessons (over 20 hours of material). The course is self-paced but we will start sourcing deals and walking you through our underwriting process ASAP. The intention here is to have you into your first project within 90 days.

Once we complete renovations and your project is sold or refinanced & rented, the initial partnership will expire. On a go-forward basis, we can partner on any deal in a similar capacity for a reduced per-project fee.

For life! Once you enroll you will have lifetime access to the course materials including any additional material and lessons added to this course in the future.

There is no percentage split on project profits: the deal upside is entirely yours!
We take a flat partnership fee, composed of two parts: an upfront deposit and a baked-in construction
management fee.

The upfront deposit is $5,000. This initiates the underwriting process and gets you onboarded for deal underwriting (training and mentorship). When your first deal is set to close, our construction consultation fee of $15,000 will be baked into the financing of your deal.

So, the total partnership fees are $20,000.

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