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Flipsters In A box

Let’s Partner Together to Flip Houses

We’ve built the infrastructure to find, fund, renovate & sell houses nationwide. Now, we’re seeking exclusive partners ready to leverage our turnkey system.

Flipster in a Box: The Turnkey Solution for Flipping Houses

House flipping is hard.
We made an easy button.

Leverage our expertise in acquisitions, financing, and construction management to directly find, finance, and manage your flip projects for you. We’ve built a suite of software tools and a team of experts in underwriting, construction, & design to safeguard against the risk of failure & maximize your profits. 

Not only will our team directly oversee your flip, but we’ve also used our economies of scale to get you wholesale pricing on material, labor, and borrowing costs. Flip your projects faster, cheaper, and more efficiently with the backing of seasoned professionals. Let us show you how.

Partner with Us

We’ll partner with you to. . .




How It Works

Into the Thick of It: How Flipster in a Box Works

If You Were Given $100,000 to Invest in Real Estate – Isn’t This The Kind of Investment Vehicle You Would Build (or Use)?

How to Get Started

Our Onboarding Process


Submit an Application

We won’t sugarcoat this. Our underwriting process is selective.

This is a true partnership, and we invest countless hours into your success. That’s why we only work with folks truly committed and have the time and financial resources needed to succeed.


Book an Intro Call

During our discovery call, we’ll get the chance to meet and gather a better understanding of your real estate investing goals and expectations. We’ll break down the dynamics of the program and clarify the roles in our partnership.



Most of our partners can expect to be up and running and into their first deal in less than 90 days.


Start Making Money!

Start making money flipping while we manage your projects. Your first deal is just the start.  We’re committed to your success for the years to come!

Partner Testimonials

Don’t Take Our Word for It:
Hear It Firsthand!

It’s a shame to not make good money flipping houses – when these folks do it so easily.

Flipsters In a Box

Let's partner together!

Fill out our short application form to get started. After that, we’ll have you fill out a longer form to get to know you better!